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Getting Started

ZOZOROOMS is a dedicated digital property search platform for Bachelors in Bhubaneswar. Finding a bachelor accommodation in Bhubaneswar is tough and sometimes, even next to impossible. ZOZOROOMS is a complete broker-free platform for bachelors. Whether you book a bed in a PG/Hostel or book an independent house, ZOZOROOMS doesn’t charge any fee for brokerage. It only charges some minimal amount from the owners. Just log on to www.zozorooms.com, and you can find a myriad of property listings (PGs, Hostels and Independent House) to choose from.

List My Property

How do I reach out to ZOZOROOMS to list my property?


Visit www.zozorooms.com and click on “CONTACT US”. You can either email us or call us on the contact number provided over there. Once you share your details, one of the ZOZOROOMS representatives will get in touch with you and take you forward on the Listing.

How much does it cost to list my property?


Nothing. It's free to list with ZOZOROOMS. What's more? We look for tenants for you.

Steps to list with ZOZOROOMS:


Step 1. You share your details with zozorooms

Step 2. Zozorooms performs a Property inspection

Step 3. We take photographs of your house and post the house on our website

Step 4. Tenants express interest and schedule a visit to your house

Step 5. Once your house matches a tenant's expectation, the tenants seeks your approval and rents out the house / room / bed

Step 6. Zozorooms charges a minimal amount from you for the booking.

Why list with ZOZOROOMS?

ZOZOROOMS is most searched platform by the student and working bachelors in Bhubaneswar. This is a dedicated rental site for the Hostels/PGs/Independent House. So the vacancy information of your property will be visible to many bachelors and therefore getting a tenant will be easier through ZOZOROOMS.

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